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My husband struggles with temporary discomfort of a weak respiratory system.


After our “aha moment” with (the best) essential oils, we started wondering what else we could use them for. Allen asked me if I thought they would help him to breathe easier, and honestly, I wasn’t sure. So, we decided to experiment. It’s worth a shot, right?


I made him a nasal inhaler. This is so simple and inexpensive to do. I bought a package of nasal inhalers here. They cost $1 each. You just drop the oils onto the wick, place the wick into the inhaler casement, pop the bottom into place, and cover it with the lid. Then, when needed, take the lid off and breathe in.


Make Nasal Inhaler


The blend I put on the wick is equal parts *Respiratory Blend, Frankincense, and Lime.


I asked my husband to carry the inhaler with him and use it to support healthy lungs throughout the day. He started using the inhaler I gave him and also putting Lime and/or Peppermint essential oil in his glass water bottle. The glass water bottle is important because citrus essential oils break down plastics. Glass and stainless steel are both safe options though. He was absolutely amazed at how these oils supported his respiratory system, making breathing easier… almost effortless.


And, to make it even more impressive, this all took place during pollen season. Pollen season in Georgia is pretty intense. A thick yellow haze covers everything. My husband has been able to mow the yard without any negative side effects.


And, surprisingly, we’ve noticed that over the past year, he has needed the oils less and less. They seem to be meeting a need in his body so that his body is healing and now functions better on its own.


Curious about the cost of making a Breathe Easier Inhaler? If you’ve already got the bottles of oils on hand, it is very inexpensive! *Respiratory Blend essential oil costs 8 cents per drop, Frankincense costs 28 cents per drop, and Lime costs 5 cents per drop. As I said earlier, the plastic essential oil inhaler itself costs $1. So, to make an inhaler costs me $1.82. I needed to refill the inhaler about once a month. But, refills are cheaper, because I just reuse the same inhaler again and again by opening it up and adding more oils to the wick. A refill costs me 82 cents. So, if he used the nasal inhaler for a year, it would cost $10.84 … for an entire year!


You can buy nasal inhalers on Amazon (see screen shot below). I’ve also purchased them locally from Bread Beckers.


Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 10.18.05 PM


I love that this is so effectively helping his body… and without any harmful side effects!

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      Hi Sandra,

      Certain grades of plastic are okay for EOs. Any plastic inhalers you buy from (sites like) will be good to go!

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