How I Got Started


I don’t like the thought of selling anything.  It’s not appealing to me at all.  The words I associate with sales are pushy, dishonest, greedy… not positive associations, and not what I want to be known for! When I signed up as a wholesale member with doTerra, I had been using essential oils for 7 years.  I told my husband that I was so excited to be able to buy at the discounted price, but that I absolutely was not going to do the business. I just wasn’t interested in it.


I don’t want to sell essential oils, or anything else for that matter, but I do love my oils. I’ve used them to keep my family healthy since the fall of 2006, and the more I’ve learned along the way and the more experiences I’ve had with them, the more thankful I am for them. So, I talk about essential oils… In fact, it’s probably hard to shut me up! I love to talk, and I especially love to talk about things I love! After listening to my chatter, my friends wanted some oils too. At first, I shared my discount, but then one of my good friends decided that she wanted to sign up herself, and I didn’t know how to tell her to do it! After that I decided that I better learn how to answer my friends’ questions and in the next 60 days I had 20 friends sign up as wholesale buyers. At this point, I’ve never had anyone purchase at retail because I can’t help but pass along a good deal. I’m not only looking out for my own benefits, but those of my friends as well.


And then, all of a sudden, when I had no intention of having a business, I began receiving weekly checks in the mail from doTERRA.  My husband held up the first one and said, “Good job not doing the business babe!” I was getting paid just to talk to my friends about something that I love, and it was benefitting them by keeping their families healthy. Gotta love that!


I also began learning about the business, and everything that I’ve learned has only made me love doTERRA more and more. Their business plan seems to be built on Christian principles (whether it truly is or not, I don’t know) like thinking of others before yourself and working together instead of against each other. I quickly learned that I could stack the people who signed up beneath me and I built mini-businesses for my friends. Four of my friends got checks from doTERRA on  their second month of enrollment because I was able to put enrollees under them. So, it benefitted them, and the beauty of it is that it actually worked for my good too. My business plan is to continue to working in the best interest of my friends! I LOOOOVE it!


So, now, unintentionally, I have a little oil-business, although, to be honest, I still tell myself that I am not doing the business.  I’m just sharing what I love with my friends. And, I am having a blast doing it. Since I’m not doing the business, I’m happy to tell you about my love for doTERRA’s essential oils, and if you’d like some too, I’ll help you sign up as a wholesale buyer so that you too can get the best discount. Now, if you really want to buy at retail prices, you can do that here, but I wouldn’t recommend it! Who wouldn’t want a discount?