Brooke Oliver

My name is Brooke Oliver & I’m a Medicine Momma!


I am a wife and momma to 4 sweet little girls! We live as simply as we can in this busy world… trying to take time to enjoy the wonderful pleasures all around us, like climbing trees, catching bugs, baking chocolate cakes together, and dance parties in our pjs in the living room. I strongly believe that my God provides for His people and that He has given us many good things… but that we have strayed from many of His blessings. So, we are moving more and more back toward doing things in a very old-fashioned way. We’re going back to raw dairy, raw honey, fermented foods, milling our own grains, and yes – essential oils for health care. Why tamper with the good gifts that God has given us? He is God. Obviously He knows better than we do. I’d much rather eat food the way He made it and use natural medicine that He has given to us than trust what man has made.

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