Stinky Bonfire Smell?

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BonfireIn the fall, one of our favorite things to do as a family is to roast marshmallows over a backyard bonfire. Late nights. Crisp, cool air. Dark skies lit up by a million little sparkling pinpoints of light. Fireflies. And the warmth of a bonfire. Buuuuut, I cannot stand the smell of campfire on my hair and clothes. And the thought of climbing into bed smelling like that… ugh!



That smoke smell is so strong, you can’t cover it up. But, I just discovered that you can neutralize it! I made a small 2 oz spray bottle of about 15-20 drops of Purify and filled to the top with water. When we came in from the bonfire, I just shook up my bottle and sprayed my hair and clothes. Magically, the smell dissipated! Think of all of the possibilities!