Sweet Dreams

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A Citrus Blend??? For sleep? I know it sounds crazy, but this blend is seriously ah-mazing!


Diffuser recipe:

2 drops Calming Blend

1 drop Roman Chamomile

1 drop Citrus Blend

I set my diffuser for 8 hours, beginning just before bedtime.


4 oz Spray Bottle recipe:

15 drops Calming Blend

8 drops Roman Chamomile

8 drops Citrus Blend

Top with filtered water

This can be sprayed on your skin, PJs, pillow, bedding, in the air…


Sunday morning, I decided to use this blend as my perfume because I love the smell of it that much! I was wide awake when I sprayed it all over a scarf I was wearing. Ten minutes later, we were in the car, headed to the 9:30am service at our church. Thankfully, my husband was driving, because I fell asleep twice during the 20-minute drive! I knew the oils helped me to fall asleep at night, but really didn’t think they would affect me that much when I was wide awake! Wrong! They knocked me out!


So, moral of the story… try these at night time, and no matter how much you love the aroma, do not use it as your perfume!


Sweet dreams!

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